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don’t mess with my workout

Adventures With Amy : Today was running day at the gym. Not particularly my favorite, but whatever. I had my music in my eyes so I was good to go. My coach told me next time we run he wants me to go further. That just means I’m getting better. I did one round and […]


Hi, I am Amy and this is Adventures of Amy. Let me take you back about month… The husband goes to the gym in the evening time and I go in the morning. We go at two different times because, well, I do not want him there when I am exercising. And then this happened. […]

Workout 110316

Warm Up Workout AMRAP11 60 singles 15 SB slams 60 singles 15 SB OH Press After Party 5x 0:30 Low Plank 0:30 Hollow Body 0:30 Flutter Kick 0:30 High Plank 1:00 Rest    

Workout 110216

Warm Up Strength 1x 20 Sumo Back Squats Workout 10x Sandbag Relays Teams of 4 Each teammate runs 50m, drops sandbag Next teammate picks up sandbag and runs back 50m Once all 4 teammates complete 50m, interval is done Interval will start every 3:00