Get Out And Conquer The Day

Morning advice,

When you sit down after that morning run and all you want to is nap, but instead you got to unleash the superpowers and conquer.  ENJOY YOUR DAY.




don’t mess with my workout

Adventures With Amy :

Today was running day at the gym. Not particularly my favorite, but whatever. I had my music in my eyes so I was good to go. My coach told me next time we run he wants me to go further. That just means I’m getting better. I did one round and almost completed a second round when I got “the call.” Yeah, the husband. Go figure. He was at Wally World and his vehicle needed a jump. So I had leave the gym and go jump him. Yes, I was his hero and saved the day. I’m glad I was able to help him, but doesn’t he know don’t mess with my gym time. YaY me ! It’s going to be a great day!



Hi, I am Amy and this is Adventures of Amy.

Let me take you back about month…

The husband goes to the gym in the evening time and I go in the morning. We go at two different times because, well, I do not want him there when I am exercising. And then this happened. It was about 6:45p that he called me, I was taking one of my long baths, he said, “I think I broke my shoulder.” He was at the gym early playing on his one wheel and fell on his left shoulder; off the ER we went. I of course drove. He complained about my driving; go figure. So we finally arrive at the ER, and after two hours they gave him some pain medicine and ice. They told him to follow up with an orthopedist. He asked for an excuse from work for a few days. A week later he had surgery.

The doctors office told Kerry to be at hospital for 2:30 because surgery was scheduled for 4:30. Okay no big deal. I took the day off of work that Friday around 8:30 Kerry got a call from the hospital asking where he was and why he wasn’t there; it was a big mess. Kerry told the hospital that he ate breakfast because it was a late surgery, but didn’t have anything after 6am. So it was a big hoopla.

The first night was probably the longest night. I was worried about his pain. I slept a few hours then woke up. I took off his skin trying to change his bandage. That Sunday we were at Mass and the priest made a joke that I beat up Kerry. I hope kerry is enjoying his time off of work. And I’ll have you know he is still riding that one-wheel thing. I tell him all the time I am not going back to the ER.

Yep, it’s been an adventure. Just a few days off of work, they said. NO, it’s been quite a while.

– Amy



Each Tuesday I will highlight my hard working GGB ladies. #transformationtuesday

April Williams “Since I’ve started GGB, February 2016, I have lost 70lbs. I had a multitude of health problems with a very poor diet. Girls Gone Buff has changed my life mentally and physically. Because of GGB I am now confident in my own skin.”

Christine Green “I think what’s most special about GGB is not that it’s a workout program; it’s that it’s a community of its own. It’s about women lifting each other; cheering each other on, supporting each other, and coming together in the name of health. Shane and Chelsey have a way of bringing the community together and have a business model that is evident in its following and success stories. For me, I’ve also gained a family, a sense of confidence, and a belief in the power of health choices. GGB goes beyond just being another gym – its truly a winning concept for St. Bernard.”

Workout 110416

Warm Up




  1. 16 SB Cleans
  2. 18 Lunges (alternating)
  3. 20 SB DL



  1. 6 KB Clean (each arm)
  2. 15 High Pull
  3. 20 KB DL

Workout 110316

Warm Up



  • 60 singles
  • 15 SB slams
  • 60 singles
  • 15 SB OH Press

After Party


  • 0:30 Low Plank
  • 0:30 Hollow Body
  • 0:30 Flutter Kick
  • 0:30 High Plank
  • 1:00 Rest



Workout 110216

Warm Up


1x 20 Sumo Back Squats


10x Sandbag Relays

  • Teams of 4
  • Each teammate runs 50m, drops sandbag
  • Next teammate picks up sandbag and runs back 50m
  • Once all 4 teammates complete 50m, interval is done
  • Interval will start every 3:00

Workout 110116

Warm Up


“Deck of Cards”

  • Hearts – KBS
  • Diamonds – Burpees
  • Spade – Mountain Climbers
  • Club – Sit-ups

Workout 103116

Warm Up



  • 7 SDLHP
  • 7 Goblet Squats
  • 7 pushups

After Party

  • 1:00 Superman
  • 0:10 Rest
  • 0:50 Superman
  • 0:20 Rest
  • 0:40 Superman
  • 0:30 Rest
  • 0:30 Superman
  • 0:40 Rest
  • 0:20 Superman
  • 0:50 Rest
  • 0:10 Superman

Workout 102816

Warm Up



  • 30 SB slams
  • 20 Burpees

After Party

Partner’s D-Ball Over

-50 D-Ball Overs per partner