New workout shoes can make all the difference in your workout routine. The wrong size or fit of a shoe can slow you down and cause aches and pains. When you are looking to purchase new workout shoes, be sure to consider the following:

 Laces should be snug but not pinching. Contact with the tongue of the shoe when foot is flat on the ground and shoe is tied.

 Laces should not cause pressure or pain when shoe is tied. Your foot should be able to shift slightly against the laces as you move.

Toe Box
 You should have room to flex your toes. One half to three quarters of a thumb-width between your toe and the shoe tip when standing is recommended.

Toes shouldn’t feel stacked or crunched together. Your big toe should never touch the front of the shoe.

 Your heal should feels secure against the back of the shoe.

  If your heel slips out at all when you walk, consider a different size.