Starting today, we will now offer a coed workout on Friday nights at 7:20 P.M.! You can bring your spouse, significant other, or perspective members. Workouts will be the same workouts that are done in the morning. All new members, please arrive 10-15 minutes early so can fill out a waiver. Feel free to message Chelsey or myself with any questions.

To all GGB Members,


This past Saturday Chelsey and I had a GGB member’s meeting where we discussed some of the new things that will be happening with GGB.


  1. We bought a gym! As many of you have heard, Chelsey and I purchased a piece of property located @ 801 W. St. Bernard Highway. We are currently in the process of preparing the property so we can have classes there. One of the big questions members have had was “Are you still going to be at Torres and Crescent Park?” YES! We will always have a presence at both parks. What will more than likely happen is we will move into the gym for the Winter and once Spring comes back around we will offer classes both indoors and outdoors. But right now at 5am and 7:20pm it is dark and mosquitos are starting to become an issue. Moving indoors will solve these problems.
  2. Fitness and Performance. Chelsey and I looked back over the past 3 sessions and realized we had poor retention of new members to GGB. Starting on Monday we will run two separate programs under GGB, Fitness and Performance.
    • Fitness – Our Fitness program will focus on fundamental movements. Intensity time frames will range anywhere from 5-15 minutes, and athletes will be eased into a higher volume of movements.
    • Performance – Our Performance program will introduce higher skilled movements. Intensity will vary, but may range anywhere from 10-40 minutes. Volume with our performance classes will be substantially higher than Fitness.
    • Now a couple of side notes to this new change:
      • Some members who have been coming to GGB may be doing the Fitness Program. Some GGB members may stay in the Fitness Program their entire time with GGB. There is nothing wrong with this. The Fitness Program is meant for people trying to stay in shape. I promise the workouts will still be challenging. One of the bigger differences is Fitness will usually have longer Warm Ups and an increased focus on functional movements.
      • The Performance Program is going to be for ladies who have mastered or are close to mastering functional movements and would like to be challenged with higher skilled movements. Warm Ups will be quicker, since you are familiar with our basic movements. This will make room for more Skill and Strength portions of class. If you are coming to the Performance Program expect to lift heavier, expect to do push ups from your feet, expect longer and tougher workouts. We will also hold you to movement standards. This means hip crease below knee crease with squats. Chest to deck for pushups, and for burpees chest all the way down and jumping and clapping over head. You get the picture.
  3. Monthly Membership – With Chelsey and I now owning a gym, we will now have monthly overhead. To better run our business, we will be moving to monthly memberships. With this being we will still have new member registration every 5 weeks, but we will not have our bye weeks anymore. As we had previously mentioned in an earlier post the rates will stay the same for our original members, but we will have some additional options. After this 5 week session, we will move to monthly payments which will start the week of November 7th through the 12th.
  4. Weightlifting – Coming November 7th! We will release more details when the date gets closer.
  5. Measurements – Now, as we all know our girls at GGB have had great results from their focus on healthy habits and exercising. I personally love seeing the Facebook posts about how much body fat or inches a member has lost, but this shouldn’t be the only thing focused on. Their are other ways to measure your fitness, i.e. a faster 400m run, swinging a heavier KB, doing push ups from your feet. With this being said, we are changing when we do measurements. All new GGB members will receive an initial measurement. They will also have one additional measurement that can be used at their discretion. Every 3-4 months, Chelsey will gladly repeat measurements for all members.
  6. Member’s Feedback – If you have any issues or concerns please let us know. We want feedback from all members whether it is good or bad. We are constantly trying to improve our business to better serve our members.


Hello Buff Babes!

As most of you already know, Chelsey and I recently closed on a piece of property located at 801 W. St. Bernard Highway! With this, there will obviously be some changes to GGB. So we want to give everyone a head’s up on the upcoming changes.

First and foremost, we will ALWAYS have Girls Gone Buff, our women’s only bootcamp. Next, we will always have an outdoor class barring weather and temperature. Now, we are looking at moving indoors for our 8th and final session of the year which is November 21st. By this time the weather will most likely be a little chilly.

Now, let’s talk about our GYM! Our gym will initially be split into two separate areas. The front of our gym, in relation to St. Bernard Highway, will be used as a studio area for classes. The back of the gym will house a weightlifting gym. Our goal is to finish the weightlifting gym ASAP. Hopefully sometime between October 10th and October 17th, we will have it in full use.

So, with moving into the gym we will now have additional classes and membership options. Payments will also move to monthly payments since we will now have monthly bills. Original members, these are members who started GGB before we moved into the gym, will retain the same rate for bootcamp classes. We will have additional members options though. Here is what it will look like:

Original Member Pricing

All-Access = $100/month

Unlimited Bootcamp = $80/month

12 classes/month = $60/month

Punch Card (10 classes) = $100

Let’s review the different membership options. All-Access membership gives the members all access to GGB. This not only includes our women’s only bootcamp, but also access to our weightlifting gym. Once the studio area is done, we will also put on specialty classes such as gymnastics, running, kettlebell, and mobility (stretching).

Our Unlimited Bootcamp membership gives the member unlimited access to our bootcamp classes ONLY. You may come to as many classes as your heart desire during that month. You will have access to specialty classes and/or fundamental classes during our theoretical “off” week.

Our 12 classes/month membership gives the member 12 bootcamp classes during the month. You can come 3x/week or to 12 straight classes. Doesn’t matter to me. Once again, during our theoretical “off” week you will have access to specialty classes and/or fundamental classes.

Our punch card is a new type of membership we are going to try out. A punch card gives the member 10 bootcamp classes over a 3 month period. So this means the card expires in 3 months. Any classes not used will be forfeited. Our punch card membership will also only be available to GGB  members who have completed 1-2 sessions of bootcamp. Only under certain circumstances will we waive this requirement, i.e. good movement patterns.

Stay tuned to the blog. Chelsey and I will be posting details about the Weightlifting Gym tomorrow! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below, message us, or wait to ask us in person.