Each Tuesday I will highlight my hard working GGB ladies. #transformationtuesday

April Williams “Since I’ve started GGB, February 2016, I have lost 70lbs. I had a multitude of health problems with a very poor diet. Girls Gone Buff has changed my life mentally and physically. Because of GGB I am now confident in my own skin.”

Christine Green “I think what’s most special about GGB is not that it’s a workout program; it’s that it’s a community of its own. It’s about women lifting each other; cheering each other on, supporting each other, and coming together in the name of health. Shane and Chelsey have a way of bringing the community together and have a business model that is evident in its following and success stories. For me, I’ve also gained a family, a sense of confidence, and a belief in the power of health choices. GGB goes beyond just being another gym – its truly a winning concept for St. Bernard.”