Girls Gone Buff is a performance-based bootcamp that is aimed at teaching proper functional movement patterns,  building strength, and improving cardiovascular endurance. We utilize body weight movements, kettle bells, resistance bands, slam balls, jump ropes, and sandbags to improve overall physical fitness. Workouts vary from strength days to endurance day or high-intensity day. The bootcamp workout may consist of:

  • Warmup. 5-20 minutes. Warmup does exactly what it says, it warms you up. More specifically we increase your body temperature, mobilize your joints (i.e. shoulders, hips, and ankles), and prep your body for the upcoming movements.
  • Bootcamp Workout. 5-40 minutes. The workout consists of a mix of body weight exercises, kettle bell movements, slam balls, sandbags, jump ropes, running, agility drills and more! Workouts vary every day, never get bored by the same monotonous gym workouts every week.
  • After Parties, Cool Downs, or Stretching. 5-10 minutes. Some days we have additional work after the workout. This additional work can vary depending on the workout that day. After parties tend to be core oriented and will provide that extra burn everyone is looking for to get those abs they’ve always wanted. Other days we may have mobility which is what most people refer to as stretching. This will help improve posture and chronic problems. This also helps prevent future injuries.


Girls Gone Buff has members at all fitness levels. Some members are new to the group while others are former collegiate athletes!

You should come to the workout with a mindset that you can achieve anything! Our trainers will help you push your limits. Be sociable! Enjoy working out while making new friends. Each time you come to workout please adhere to the following:

  • Try to arrive on-time. Classes will begin promptly at scheduled workout times. Don’t miss out on a workout due to a time delay. Running a few minutes late? No problem! Let us know your coming and join in on the workout with as little distraction as possible.
  • Wear proper shoes and workout attire. Workout gear should be comfortable and easy for you to move through each phase of the workout. Sports bras are recommended for most workouts. We recommend wearing flat shoes since we do a lot of lifting (hence the name Girls Gone Buff!).
  • Be courteous to others. We aim to empower all women to live a healthier lifestyle. Positive attitudes and encouraging words are a MUST. All negative attitudes will be asked to leave. We are here to make everyone better!