Workout 092616

Warm Up



-400m run

-20 air squats

-10 pushups

After Party

5 rounds

0:30 flutter kick

0:30 superman

0:30 rest

Workout 092416

Warm Up


For time:

30 burpees

30 jump squats

30 MC

300m run

Rest 3:00

20 burpees

20 jump squats

20 MC

200m run

Rest 2:00

10 burpees

10 jump squats

10 MC

100m run

Workout 092316

Warm Up


-Agility Drills


10 rounds

-80m shuttle run (10m/20m/10m)


Workout 092216

Warm Up


-Atlas Stone Clean


-5x 4 Atlas Stone Cleans


100 SB slams

-EMOM 5 push-ups


Workout 092116

Warm Up



  1. 7 Goblet Squats
  2. 6 lunges (each leg alternate)
  3. 5 SLRDL (each leg)

After Party



Rest 1:00


-Hollow Body

Workout 092016

Warm Up



-30 singles

-200m run

-10 burpees

After one round is complete, rest 1:00, then repeat.


Forearm/Shoulder stretching

Workout 091916

Warm Up


Partner’s Relay

-10 KBS

-50m Farmer’s Carry

-20 KBS

-50m Farmer’s Carry

-30 KBS

-50m Farmer’s Carry

-40 KBS

-50m Farmer’s Carry

-50 KBS

-50m Farmer’s Carry

Partner A completes KBS and Farmer’s Carry then Partner B completes KBS and Farmer’s Carry. After each complete the first set of 10 KBS and 50m carry move on to the next set of 20 KBS and 50m carry. Repeat until 50 KBS and 50m carry are completed by both.

After Party

3x 20 KB twist x2 w/ partner pass

Grocery Shopping

Woman grocery shopping

Grocery shopping is an important aspect to nutrition. Most families get their food from the grocery store, and if you don’t that might be one of the key mistakes with your nutrition. When we go shopping, here are a couple of simple tips that if followed can make the whole “lifestyle change” thing a lot easier.

-Rule #1 – Stick to the outside of the grocery store. In case you haven’t realized, once you walk in, to the right is your produce section. Then you move onto the deli (stay away!) and along the back wall is your meat, followed by dairy and bread at the end. Now, there are some acceptable foods along the center isles. We do purchase canned black, red, and garbanzo beans, but the ingredients labels are very basic usually just containing water, beans, and salt. But for the most part, sticking to the outside is key. They’re way too many temptations located in the center isles.

-Rule #2 – Do not shop on an empty stomach. You can ask Chelsey, if I go to the grocery store hungry, I come back with a trunk full of food and a receipt totaling over $100.

-Rule #3 – Make a list before you go and try not to stray from it. This goes along with our previous rule, it’s more so a helpful hint.

-Rule #4 – If you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle on a budget just like us, buy seasonal. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are much cheaper!

Now, the next question is what does your grocery cart look like? Check out ours!


Here’s a quick run down of items: bread, rice, apples, grapefruit, ketchup (yes ketchup), sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, beets, and kale.

So, let’s address the elephant in the room and talk about the three items that are “unhealthy”. First we have ketchup. The ketchup pictured is organic ketchup I found at Walmart. If you read the ingredients, notice no high fructose corn syrup. This bottle cost roughly $5 so fairly expensive. Now, obviously if we are trying to lose weight we want to stay away from sugar but if ketchup will help keep you away from Cokes and Oreos I’ll gladly make that trade. Just remember moderation is key and that one block of carbohydrates is 2 tbsp. of this product (not a lot).


Next up we have good ole Mr. Bread. Who doesn’t love bread?! Now, most breads are bad. They are bleached then enriched. Do not buy these kinds of bread. Pictured below is the label from the bread I purchased today. Notice the first ingredient is whole wheat flour. Now, by no means is this bread perfect. It does have sugar in it, but once again if you’re on a budget and bread keeps you sane this is a better option.


For those of you who don’t mind spending the money, there are healthier bread option out there. I highly recommend gluten free breads, especially if you are gluten intolerant. Below is bread I normally get when I go to Winn-Dixie. Once again not perfect, it isn’t gluten free. But it is healthier that the Pepperidge Farm bread above.


Remember that the one serving size per block of carbohydrates is 1/2 piece of toast. So if you must eat bread, once again the key word is moderation.

Lastly, let’s talk about rice. Rice is high in carbohydrates. One serving size per block of carbohydrates is 3 tbsp or 1/5 cup. Not a lot at all. So basically if you’re trying to lose weight, leave the rice alone. Now most rice, just like bread, is bleached then enriched. This won’t be as hard to find on the bag though. They blast it right on the front label. Once again, I’m not a fan of eating products that have been bleached then had nutrients added to them (the only reason for doing this is to increase shelf life of the product).

Now, I purchased basmati rice. Fairly expensive for rice standards, a five pound bag costs $7. They do have other types of healthy rice, but most are more expensive than their enriched counterparts.

All in all though, you can either spend time and money on your HEALTH and BUFFNESS now or your SICKNESS later. 

Workout 091616

Warm Up


4x 5 Sumo KB Deadlift

4x 8 SLRDL (each leg, w/o weight)


10 rounds for time

-10 SB slams

-10 SB thrusters

Workout 091516

Warm Up


-3x 12 bent over row



-100 singles


-100 singles

-21 KBS