fit•ness • the condition of being physically fit and healthy • the quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task

Ok Buff Mommas, let’s talk FITNESS! I’m not talking about sculpted shoulders, tight booty, bulging biceps or washboard abs. I’m talking body movement and activity…. training your physical body to complete the task at hand — MOMMING!

As a mom to four {active} boys and a new baby girl, I’ll be the first to say that motherhood is exhausting and not for the faint of heart. It pushes you to your limits physically, emotionally, and mentally. We give and we give, and then we give some more… sometimes without recharging and totally neglecting ourselves.

Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your kids. Read that again. It’s true! Making your health and fitness a priority goes beyond yourself. It goes beyond a certain look or body size/shape. It’s so much more than that. It’s stewarding the body we’ve been given well. The way we value our health and physical bodies will be the example set for our children. It was said by a certified strength and conditioning specialist that you’re helping to create habits that can last a lifetime. “Kids that see their parents exercise and have a positive experience doing it with them are more likely to stay active for life. Parents that are active with kids create a ‘culture of wellness’ in the home.”

So what does this look like practically? I’m so glad you asked! Taking control of your health starts with your WHY. Ask yourself what your “why” is and maybe even write it down. My “why” is to live a long/healthy/active life and fulfill every plan set out for me. I’m committed to showing my kids what whole, healthy living looks like. I refuse to let poor choices limit my ability to thrive or even cut my life short. The next step, in my opinion, is the most important step in your whole health/fitness journey — MAKE UP YOUR MIND. There’s so much power in a made up mind. Your body can stand almost anything, it’s your mind you have to convince.

Will some days be hard? Without a doubt. Is it a sacrifice? Absolutely. Will it seem next to impossible to find the time some days? For sure. There will be good days, bad days, overwhelming days, and totally awesome days — but when your WHY is always before you, you show up on all of those days! It doesn’t have to be extreme, it just has to be consistent.

Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle. All you have to do it believe in yourself. Because you are worth it, your family is worth it, and you have what it takes.