What is your definition of a really good workout? Mine is when you hate doing it, but love finishing it.

Have you ever started a workout and quickly realized that it seems nearly impossible to finish it? You know, when the end result may be the death of you? Because sometimes I feel like I am dying! Yeah, maybe I am a bit dramatic, but really, sometimes it does feel that way. 

Inside each one of us there is a strong champion. And we can ALL reach down deep and pull it out when we need to; when things seem too hard. Like, when we can’t get another rep in, when our muscles are totally fatigued, or when we’re at the point of exhaustion. This is when we DIG DOWN and REACH for that INNER CHAMP! This is where those few more reps or that last minute is found.

One thing that helps me muscle through a tough workout is knowing that those endorphins will start being released. I AM A SELF-PROCLAIMED ENDORPHIN JUNKIE. —Endorphins are a natural chemical in your body that relieve stress and pain. Exercise causes the release of this chemical, along with adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine.— They’re responsible for letting your HAPPY FLOW! This means that working out is an INSTANT MOOD BOOST! And we women can be pretty moody.

Will your problems disappear? NO. Will things instantly change for you? NOPE. Ya know what will happen though? You’ll realize you’re a lot stronger than you thought. You’ll see that you can do more than you thought. Ya know why? Because we were made to do hard things! This is what we train for. This is part of the process. We are working on the muscles that make us stronger and able to endure. 

Next time you feel like you hit that brick wall and can’t go another second? Maybe you’re just down in the dumps or in a funk. Or it’s just too hard? Remember — YES. YOU. CAN. Our body was created to work in the most perfect way and to supply all that we need to finish. Those all natural, feel good hormones are on their way to do their job!

That post-workout feeling is more than just an endorphin release, it makes you feel proud and want to do it again tomorrow.